Friday, April 11, 2008

getting a laugh

So, I'm still on comedies on my NetFlix, which means the movie I watched today was "Old School". I know, I know, I'm the only person my age who hasn't seen this movie several times while wasted and quoted every line out of Will Ferrell's mouth multiple times.
I had obviously heard a lot about it, and I wanted to see it. So, I did. It was... cute. That's really all I can say about it. I watched it by myself as the hubby was working a double, and I only laughed out loud once or twice. I'm not saying it sucked, in spite of the fact that it, like "Wedding Crashers" ( which I prefer), was a romantic comedy masquerading as a dude gross-out humor movie. When did it happen? When did every guy out there agree that they wanted a movie that would gross you out, make you pee yourself laughing and involve a guy finding his soul mate? Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that guys want a little quirky romance in their movies, it just caught me by surprise. I jut can't believe that every funny movie that most guys I know love- "Knocked Up" "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" "Wedding Crashers" "Dodgeball" "Austin Powers"- all have the guy getting girl, they kiss, the music swells and... ROLL CREDITS! Well, maybe not that cheese-eriffic,but close. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" by far has the best ratio of romance and laugh-soda-out-your-nose material. The one thing "Old School" left me wanting? The type of wonderful Ferrell ad-libbng that make "Talladega Nights" and "Blades of Glory" feel like that funny moment was happening just now for the first time.
I wouldn't give any of these movies Oscars, but I feel that usually when evaluating the quality of a movie, you must count the entertainment factor. Was the experience of watching the movie the type of experience that makes you want to watch it again?
This why "JAWS" is my favorite movie of all time. I could watch it all day every day, because it's so much god damn fun to watch. It is also why so many films do terrible in theatres but become cult classics. "Repo Man" anyone? This free on demand right now in the free movies section if you have Comcast. Do it! Emilio Estevez(sp?) and the Circle Jerks, it feels so good!

I also caught "The Colbert Report", which is always a pleasure, but tonight it had a hidden treasure- Stephen Colbert singing a Korean pop song dressed in hipster clothes! I made a delightful discovery. Stephen Colbert is hot. Oh yeah, look it up on YouTube. He's in good shape, and in his usual suit and tie, he's sexy in a "Come on now, Mr. History teacher, is there any way I could improve my grade?" type of way. Yup. I just said that. You just got a glimpse into my grimy brain.
Only I jest- I would never try to improve a grade in an unscrupulous manner. I do well on tests and write excellent papers. Cheaters never geek.

Hopefully, for all of us, I will begin to receive better movies that I can give more in-depth discussion on. It's not really worth getting all "read between the lines" with comedies. Except for "The Big Lebowski"- I feel it's very significant that we never see The Dude actually bowl.
I'll re-watch this this week and get back to you with more.

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