Saturday, August 7, 2010

The shape of things

I love when a movie sneaks up on me. This time that movie was Triangle.

It starts off like any other horror movie you've seen. Strange things are happening and the lead actress is troubled and you don't know why. The acting seems sub-par and you wait for the point when her and her friends are tied up and being tortured by some faceless maniac.

But then the plot starts to twist. And it's such an innovative and intriguing concept that it starts to win you over. You begin to try and guess what will happen, going off of what you've seen in other movies in this genre... but all your guesses are wrong!

This is the kind of movie M. Knight Shyamalan still wishes he could dream up. It is chilling, and while the body count isn't that high and it's not as bloody as it could be, it is all the more terrifying because the concept itself is where the horror lies. A concept so terribly wonderful you will have to tell yourself "This could never really happen."

All no-name actors (unless you know who Melissa George is) and helmed by a writer/director that I've never heard of, Christopher Smith, but hope to see more from!

If you liked Memento, Inception or The Sixth Sense you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Triangle.

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