Saturday, August 23, 2008


Okay, okay, so I know I said I would never talk politics again after slamming intelligent design. But, I guess I lied.
Obama piked Joe Biden as his V.P. Other than clearly pandering to the white male voter and the more conservative democrats, I'm upset for another reason. Biden supports the Defense of Marriage Act. Biden doesn't think gay people have the right to get married.
Obama thinks civil unions should be good enough. Right, because I'm sure that if America had instituted civil unions only for black people he would have been all for that too. Separate but equal! Yes We Can! Ignorance is strength, comrade! War is peace! Change is staying the same!
And everyone knows that marriage is only for people who go to church! Wait- some homosexuals go to church? Some rabbis, priests and even bishops are gay? Well slap my ass and call me an agnostic who got married in an aquarium with a friend acting as justice of the peace!
Could someone worth voting for, please stand up?

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