Saturday, November 1, 2008

A good day.

I noticed a theme among my posts on life an such; They're all negative. I guess I've always been a cynical person, but this disappointed me. I need to share the positive experiences too.
This past week I had one of those day where you feel nothing but love for others. The Dunkin Donuts employee was extremely friendly, chatting with me while I was waiting for my bagel. I find a good mood amongst fast food workers is hard to find, so when I encounter it, I savor and encourage it. I saw people offering their seats on the T- and not because of those new signs. On the way home, a guy who always sees me on the T tapped my shoulder and we had a nice conversation. When I got off at Hynes Convention Center, a man dropped something and a woman immediately picked it up and chased after him to give it back.
It was a perfect day. Like everyone just woke up and said to themselves "I want to put a positive charge into everything I do today."
I'm making an effort to say that to myself every morning.

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