Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four legs good!

Iams is running a fabulous campaign to help get 1 million animals adopted into loving homes for the holidays. You can find out more about it here.

Normally, I don't endorse or patronize Iams because they test their products on dogs and cats extensively. They are also not the most nutritious food products you can choose for your pet. However, in this case they have their hearts in the right place and I hope they inspire people to adopt an animal in need. I would love to adopt another dog or cat, but cramming any more living beings into this one-bedroom apartment would be cruel to all parties involved.
Dan and I really wanted to adopt a dog when Dan decided he wanted one. Trouble is, if you're young, working long hours and have never been the sole care-provider to a dog before, chances are no shelter or rescue organization will let you adopt a dog. Especially when you want a small dog, which usually have more people vying to adopt them. I completely understand why such standards exist, and I wouldn't trade Max for the world, but I really wish we could have adopted a dog.
So, if you have the room, time and money, please consider adopting a dog or cat. Adult animals, pitbull mixes and black dogs have very low adoption rates, but there's no good reason for it. People usually just have their hearts set on a puppy or very young dog, but a 3 or 4 year old dog has years and years of love left to give. Every adopted dog I've met knows just how lucky they are to have a new home. It's amazing how a dog has such a bottomless capacity for love, even if it's been abused or neglected. All they needs is love, understanding and sometimes a whole lot of patience, but they'll give you more in return than you'd ever imagine.
In a couple of years when Dan and I get a bigger place we'll adopt a friend for Max. I can't wait for that!

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