Monday, February 22, 2010

Go for the gold!

As I've stated on this blog before: You can't not watch the olympics. Especially when people wear stuff like this:

Every once in a while I explore the past posts on this blog to see what I was watching in 2008. When Istarted this blog my husband worked nights and I was usually bored and by myself. Thus, I had lots to say and lots to blog about. Now, I see Dan every night and talk to my friends more often. My blog is more focused now. All for the better.

Nosferatu is the classic silent film based on Bram Stoker's Dracula. It also happens to be the most faithful film adaptation of the book. Of course, a lot of the action is absent because of the limitations of the camera in the 1920s. But, the plot remains intact. For a silent movie with a melodramatic score, it's still remarkably good and creepy. The direction was groundbreaking at the time. Appreciate the way they sped up action by cranking the film through the camera at a slower frames-per-second rate so that when it was played at regular speed, the action onscreen appeared to be in fast-forward. This is old school special effects at their best. Marvel at the grotesque appearence of Max Schreck as The Count. He never appeared in another film. Was that makeup, or did Morneau find a circus freak or incredibly ugly man to star in this movie? The horror film that begat all other horror films.

The Hurt Locker impressed me because it was not what I expected. Free of preachy politics and action film nonsense, this movie is gritty and honest. So honest, in fact, that when someone dies from being in close proximity to an I.E.D., I remarked "How are they dead?" because I'm so used to the fictional movie world where being 40ft from an explosion will result in only minor cuts and bruises. In reality your organs would liquify. The Hurt Locker reminds you of that. It reminds you of the fog of war, the fragility of life and the need to love what you do and do what you love. This is a heavy contender for Best Picture. If I had to pick the winner from the bloated list of ten that isn't Up, it would be this movie. Solid acting, solid dialogue and a plot that genuinely keeps you guessing. It lacks the typical story arc, so I warn you that it can feel anti-climactic, but it's still satisfying.

I think I'll devote my next post to the oscar noms for Best Picture that I've seen. Not that I care about the Academy Award for Best Picture. The award is a joke that often goes to a film that could never hope to sit among The Greatest Movies of All Time.
I submit the following Best Picture winners as proof:
Shakespeare in Love - Vomit. Scratch that. Vomit beautifully encased in period costume, but still vomit.
An American in Paris - A hundred dancing Gene Kellys couldn't save this movie.



Ben said...

I loved "Hurt Locker"

Noel said...

I found it really satisfying. I didn't love it. I'll admit that it might be because of my gender. This movies was a Boys Only Club. That's my only critique of it. There are plenty of women serving bodly in the middle east.