Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Speak now...

... or forever hold your peace.

I started the list, but I need feedback.
Am I saying too much? Not enough?
Should I separate by genre? By decade made?

I cannot do a star system or grades. I'm sorry. There are just too many facets to films. What earns an A in cinematography could merit only a D in dialogue.


Lola Cutter Hensel said...

I think your blurbs are just the right length! I would love to see you separate them by category, but I would also like to see your own unique take on what makes up a category (i.e. something more than the standard "action", "horror", "comedy"-type classifications).

P.S. The word that's posted below this as I type for "word verification" is "squadis". What the hell is that?!

Ben said...

Indeed, I think you're doing a fine job. Keep it up. I've already added a couple to my own Netflix.

Noel said...

Okay, categorization has begun.