Friday, April 2, 2010

Hippity hoppity

Easter's on its way, so here are recommendations of movies featuring

Harvey- Jimmy Stewart at his best. The heartwarming tale of a man who claims he has a 6ft invisible rabbit friend. A true classic.

Watership Down- The amazing adaptation of the classic book. Serious and at times disturbing, a group of rabbits search for a new home when violence uproots them. This movie haunted my dreams as a child.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?- Film noir meets farce in this movie. Cutting edge (at the time) technology allowed hard-boiled private dick to team up with a famous cartoon star when a conspiracy threatens to wipe out all cartoons. Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, and Kathleen Turner's performances are stellar.

Donnie Darko- The cult classic that made us unable to quit Jake Gyllenhall. He gives a performance beyond his tender age as a high school misfit who life is upturned by a series of strange, fateful events. Patrick Swayze steals some scenes.

Bambi- One of my favorites. One of the few early Disney classics where animals don't sing, yet the songs are beautiful. A young deer struggles to survive in the ever-shrinking wild.

Eat lots of candy.

-- Noel
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Lola Cutter Hensel said...

Watership Down STILL haunts my dreams. I love that movie!

Noel said...

I'm amazed to learn many people haven't seen it! The movie poster for it is creeeeepy.