Sunday, April 4, 2010


As you may or may not know, I wear high heels. I wear them a lot.
This is easier said than done. And in Boston, where most of the sidewalks are brick, cobblestone, or peppered with grates and large cracks, it is especially trying.
But I persevere. Because I love heels, I love the way they look and I'm a slave to appearances.

But, there are times where my lifestyle choice seems foolhardy.

There are the times when I step onto a metal plate on the ground,
And I feel it buckle and sink under my weight,
And I have that moment of panic and think "Today is the day I lose a leg because of my heels."
(Because when you walk in heels, your entire weight shifts from one leg to the other, it's never evenly distributed between the two)
And then the metal heaves up in reflex.
And I bounce forward unscathed.
I click clack my way into the sunset.

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