Monday, September 29, 2008

New shoes

New shoes can always cheer me up. It takes some serious self-control not to delve into the depths of retail therapy. I mostly stress about money, so buying shoes would only complicate things.

My dog, Max, is not something I have talked about on my blog much so far. This is impressive since he is something I can rarely shut up about. I'm shielding you from how gay I am for my dog. I am SO gay for my dog.

If you're not up-to-the-minute on Max's life, then I'll have you know he had an ear infection last month. It was in both ears, and he scratched one ear so much that he gave himself cauliflower ear. I brought him to the vet and $200 later, I had a tube of cream and a bottle of ear wash to put in his ears. So, twice a day, I had to fight Max to put medicine in his ears. He was not a fan.
Now, I've been pretty lucky. Max has been (knock on wood) very healthy, with just a yearly check-up needed. But now, three of his paws look swollen, and he's been licking at them. Another infection is likely. How a dog manages to get three of his paws infected, but not all four, I'll never understand. So, I'll have to fork over another $200 to get more cream from the vet. $200 is a lot of money to me. I have pet insurance at least, so I get all but my $50 deductible back, but for three weeks I'm out $200. That sucks. Sometimes having a dog sucks. It's totally worth it, though. I just need to save up some money so that the $200 doesn't have to come out of the bills account.

Shirley Manson, one of my heroes, is on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". So, even though I don't like this show, I've got it on right now so I can see her. God, this show is really melodramatic. Then again, what shows aren't?
Why can't Shirley Manson guest star on "Iron Chef"?

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