Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comfort food

I'm watching "Fat Pets" on Animal Planet.
Apparently half of cats and dogs in England are overweight. It has correlation to the lifestyle of the owner, but I can't believe my eyes and ears.
These owners can't help themselves, they just keep feeding them more and more junk!
It's shocking and sickening. Sure, I let Max gain an extra pound last winter, but once his vet said something I made sure he lost that pound.
But on this show, their vets tell them their dogs are going to die if they don't lose weight. They don't listen, they keep feeding them and feeding them. It's so sad.
Just look at poor Bodelle:

She weighs over 200 poundsand the owner refuses to put her on a diet.

Do you think the SPCA should be able to remove these pets from their owners?
I think they should.

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