Monday, October 27, 2008

Tag, but not the body spray.

My old friend Lola posted a writing exercise on her blog to write 5 habits/quirks that people might not know about me. I decided this was a mighty good exercise that I should engage in.

1. I can tap dance.
2. I was OBSESSED with animals as a child and read every non-fiction book associated with animals that I could get my hands on. This combined with my love of nature documentaries gives me a geek-like knowledge of zoological trivia. When I read/see something I do not know, I get WAY too excited about it.
3. I have always hated brushing my teeth for as long as I can remember. I hate everything about it. When I was a kid I would go in the bathroom, close the door and let the water run to fool my parents into thinking I brushed. Now, I do actually brush, but I hate every second of it.
4. I am completely unable to commit to watch any syndicated television show on a weekly basis.
5. I had a lazy eye as a child and had to wear an eye patch for years. When asked about the eye patch in kindergarten, I lied and said I was a pirate.

The "share something people might not know about you" was a popular way professors/teachers have the class introduce themselves. I always said the bit about tap dancing. I haven't tap danced seriously since I was 16. I should get some tap shoes to make sure I never forget how to tap dance, and also just in case a talent show with a large cash prize ever presents itself.

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