Saturday, October 18, 2008

Top of the morning

On the weekends or other times when I'm not dressed in all of my biz-caz glory, I like to wear hats. This saves me the trouble of blow-drying or otherwise styling my hair, plus I look cute in hats and that can't be said for everyone. Or at least I think I look cute in hats, so that's really all that matters. The hair styling thing isn't a very good excuse because my hair is very short, but I'm lazy and refuse to leave the house without makeup on, so, it's my only time-saver.
Unfortunately, my favorite hat has seen better days. It's a black cotton twill newsboy cap I bought when I was working at Hot Topic in the Natick Mall four or five years ago. (Yeah, Hot Topic. I told you I'm a geek.) It's a little faded, and the Velcro adjustable strap on the back is starting to not hold very well anymore.
I bought an olive drab cadet cap at Hootenanny, and it's good, but doesn't look good with absolutely everything like my black hat does. I also bought a black woven fedora, but it was too trendy when I bought it and now I'd just look like I missed the boat but I'm still waving my ticket in the air and running on the dock.
I know I'll just end up scouring the Internet to find an exact replica. At least winter will be here soon and I can take refuge in knit caps until then.

In the past two days I have seen two men urinating in public. One was just a few minutes ago when I was walking Max. The man was peeing in a bush outside an apartment building. I might not have noticed if that distinctive pee-hitting-dry-leaves sound wasn't so loud. Yesterday's peeing man chose the side of the church near Harvard Square, in broad daylight. I was in a car with three co-workers, we were coming home from our all-staff meeting in Devens. I saw him and I was so shocked I just said out loud "That guy is peeing!"
The ladies in the car just shrugged it off, I was astounded by his bravery. Sure, he was obviously homeless and had long ago stopped being concerned with the trappings of proper social behavior, but peeing on a church in broad daylight? That takes guts, my friend. Not just anyone could urinate in the hustle and bustle of Cambridge on a Friday afternoon, let alone on the side of God's house. Not being religious, I couldn't help but wonder: If God exists, would he be upset if you peed on the outside of a church? Or is God more of a "when you gotta go, you gotta go." sort of deity?
We need pissoirs like in Europe. They may be smelly and disgusting, but hey, so are some people and it's not like we're getting rid of them, is it?

What's that sleeping on top of my couch, you ask? No, it's not a cat. It's my dog.


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