Monday, October 20, 2008

What's that in your pocket?

I have to vent after looking at some fall fashion trends.
The biggest look in pants for fall?
Pleats, harem pants, pleather leggings and stirrup leggings.

What the hell? It's like the major fashion houses got together and said "Let's bring back all those styles that look absolutely terrible on absolutely everyone!"
The latter three I could dismiss as looking interesting sometimes on rail thin women who are also very tall, but pleats? PLEATS???

Look at how huge these pants make this model look! She weighs probably 100 pounds and those pants are giving her hips for days.

Plus the looks in the Urban Outfitters catalog catalog are stomach-turning. Grunge is back, only this time heroin-chic includes looking like you forgot to put on pants under the sweater you ganked from your grandpa.
At least dark tights are better than pleated pants.

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